Zee Telugu’s new serial Jagaddhatri starts on August 21, Monday to Saturday at 7:30 PM!

By iittm Editor August 18, 2023 12:56 PM IST

Hyderabad, 18th August, 2023: Channel Zee Telugu is entertaining the Telugu audience with new content and different serials. Comedy, dance, singing shows full of novelty and serials with interesting twists are entering the field of television. With the same enthusiasm, it is coming to you with another new serial called ‘Jagaddhatri’. ‘Jagaddhatri’ starring Deepti Manne – Darsh Chandrappa in lead roles will be aired from 21st of this month at 7:30 PM every day.
The story of this serial revolves around the main character ‘Jagaddhatri’, a female secret agent. This serial is sure to impress the audience with its unusual plot and unexpected twists.

Jagdhatri (Deepiti Manne) along with her friend Kedar (Darsh Chandrappa) work as secret agents. The story is about Jagaddhatri’s journey as the eldest daughter in the family, balancing responsibilities. Jagaddhatri shows her universal form as Aparakali as a woman running a school for the disabled while defying the tides of society and opposing injustice and wrongdoing. Deepti Manne, who is entertaining the Zee Telugu audience as Radhamma’s daughter, newcomer Darsh Chandrappa will play the lead roles in this serial, while Preeti Srinivas will be seen in a pivotal role.

The journey uncovers the causes of her innocent mother’s death. Jagaddhatri and Kedar lead a normal life while working as secret agents. Will love blossom between Jagaddatri and Kedar? How does Jagaddatri balance family and career? How will the secret of Jagaddhatri being a secret agent be revealed? To know, you must watch Jagaddhatri serial which will start on Zee Telugu from this Monday! The Jagaddhatri song which was recently released on social media is getting an incredible response from the audience. The song is composed by Kamran and sung by Lakshmi Meghna.

Actors Deepti Manne, Darsh Chandrappa, Preeti Srinivas and others participated in a grand media conference on the occasion of the launch of this serial on August 17. During the opening ceremony, the lead actors shared their experiences of the roles they are playing in the serial. Ram-Laxman Masters, who entertained the audience with their fights on the silver screen, worked for the first time on television for this serial. They participated in the media conference and shared their experiences.
Talking about this serial, actress Deepti Manne said, “I cannot express in words how excited I am to come before you as Jagaddhatri. When I heard this story, I felt very thrilled imagining myself in such a powerful role. It’s not just a secret agent story, but an amazing story of a woman who fights against illegalities while living her life while balancing her past, her family, her career. I am really happy to come forward in such a role.”

About the story and uniqueness of this serial, Zee Telugu Chief Content Officer – Anuradha Guduru said, “Jagaddatri is not just a serial, it is more than that! Zee Telugu offers content that not only impresses the audience but also excites everyone. Based on the theme of how women accept their responsibilities and how they fight for the fulfillment of their duties, ‘Jagaddhatri’ is sure to please the audience. This serial will come to you as a story of a powerful woman who lives as an ideal woman in the society and seeks the truth and stands for justice.

Jagaddhatri is a beautiful story that touches on the sensitive aspects of everyone’s life and is a blend of emotions. Everyone in the cast, production and director’s team is working hard to make such a wonderful story high in every aspect. Heartfelt thanks to the Telugu audience for supporting each of our serials so much. We hope that you will definitely support this serial as always.”

Jagaddhatri, a story of a secret agent who juggles family and career, is a must watch from Monday – Saturday at 7:30 PM only on Mee Zee Telugu.

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