Young director ready for divorce.. Reason..?

By iittm Editor September 9, 2023 8:45 AM IST

Celebrities from the Tollywood film industry do not know when they will get married.. They do not know when they will break up. Especially if some people do love marriages.. and some adults do arranged marriages. However, if there is no harmony between them, they do not hesitate to separate. In this order, mega daughter Niharika this year also thought that Chaitanya Jonnalagadda would be happy with a marriage arranged by elders.. She gave a divorce and surprised everyone.

After that, the news that Colors Swati is also likely to get a divorce came to the fore. But Swati did not try to give clarity on this matter. With this, the campaign is going strong saying that divorce is certain. Now apart from them, a Tollywood young director is preparing for a divorce and there is a discussion going on in the filmnagar circles. Although he is a young director, he has earned a reputation as a sensible director who makes good films even if he does not make ten films.

In the beginning of this year, he got a decent hit after doing a movie with the star hero and got married a few days later. The director who is preparing to make another film with the boost given by that film is getting very tired in his personal life. In this order, it seems that the marriage of those who got married with much love is now in trouble. Moreover, due to conflicts between the two in some matters, they have applied for divorce.. It is reported that it will take some time to complete all the legal procedures. However, the news of a series of divorces in the film industry is troubling the fans.

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