Why are the heroines taking an ice bath? What is the purpose of this?

By iittm Editor August 21, 2023 4:04 PM IST

Actors and cricketers make a lot of efforts to stay fit. They go to the gym and maintain a complete healthy diet. They also drink special water. If one stat. It becomes a trend. They start one after the other. Meanwhile, all the heroines are taking ice bath. Many heroines like Samantha, Pragya Jaiswal, Rakul Preet Singh like to take ice bath. They are posting those videos and photos on their Instagram accounts. An ice bath is a bath in ice water at a temperature of minus degrees in the freezing cold. Just sit in the ice water for a few minutes and come out and the ice bath is complete. Doing this has many health benefits both physically and mentally.

This ice bath is a process of freezing the body for a while at minus degree temperature. Many Bollywood heroes and heroines, Tollywood celebrities and sportsmen are taking ice bath. Samantha took an ice bath for 6 minutes in minus 4 degree temperature during her trip to Bali. It sounds very difficult but once done it is very healthy for the body. It is usually a bit difficult to take a shower with cold water. Now everyone likes to take bath with warm water and hot water. As such, it is very difficult to stay with water at minus degree temperature for minutes. It becomes frozen. But because of the many health benefits of this ice bath, more people are following this method.


Even if the exercises are too much, even if the work is too physical, muscle pains will occur. Ice bath can reduce muscle pain. Muscles relax. Also those suffering from problems like fatigue, lethargy and insomnia should also take ice bath. It works to reduce those problems. It stimulates our central nervous system. The body becomes active and does not suffer from stress.

Ice bath is also very good for the skin. Sweat and oil are removed and the skin becomes fresh. You feel excited. While taking an ice bath, the happy hormone dopamine is released in the body. It keeps you mentally healthy. Reduces stress and anxiety. Ice bath is very good for digestive system and immune system. This ice bath is very beneficial for the vagus nerve which monitors the functioning of these systems. So occasional ice bath is very good for health.

Don’t have these problems..

It is better to take ice bath with due care. Because it is not good for people with heart diseases to suddenly immerse their body in minus degrees temperature like this. Medical experts suggest that people with high blood pressure and heart problems should not take ice bath.

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