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By iittm Editor September 2, 2023 7:05 AM IST

MM Keeravani’s son Sri Simha Koduri’s latest film is ‘Ustad’. The film released on August 12 to mixed reviews. Directed by Fanideep, Kavya Kalyan Ram played the heroine. Recently this movie has come in OTT. It is streaming on ‘Amazon Prime Video’ platform. Why late.. Enjoy this weekend with Ustad.

Ustad’s story is: Surya (Sreesimha) is a boy who likes Manas. Surya is afraid of high places. Also extreme anger. Within days of his graduation, he bought an old bike on a whim. He names it Ustad. When it comes into life, he starts sharing his joy, pain, hardship, pleasure, everything with it. Because of that bike Meghna (Kavya Kalyan Ram) comes into Surya’s life. Surya aims to become a pilot. And how did Surya, who was afraid of heights, fulfill his dream of becoming a pilot? What are the challenges he faced in this process? What are the complications in the love story due to his personality? How did Ustad influence his life during this journey? Check it out on Amazon.

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