What happened to Jayaprada who tried to commit suicide twice?

By iittm Editor August 28, 2023 11:19 AM IST

Jayaprada, who once impressed the youth with her beauty, needs no introduction. Born to Krishna and Neelaveni in Rajahmundry, AP, she acted in more than 300 films in Tollywood, Tamil, Kannada, Hindi and Malayalam films and entertained the audience. Her original name is Lalitha Rani. She started her career with the movie Bhumimachara.. Then she changed her name to Jayaprada through the movie Antuleni Katha directed by then famous Tamil director K Balachander.

At that time, apart from top heroes like Jitendra and Rishi Kumar, Telugu heroes like NTR, Krishna and ANnar were also waiting for her dates. But Jayaprada, who shared the screen with all the star heroes of that time, faced many difficulties in her married life. On February 22, 1986, she fell in love with and married the famous producer Srikanth Nahata in a five star hotel in Mumbai. Srikanta is already married and has children. Their marriage led to many sensations at that time as they married the second wife without divorcing the first wife.

However, despite being married to Jayaprada, Jayaprada tried to commit suicide by drinking poison in 1990 after learning that Srikanth had given birth to a third child with his first wife. After that, she was rushed to the hospital and survived. For years Srikanth could not digest spending a long time with his first wife. On the other hand, the pain of not having children.. On the other hand, she tried to commit suicide even then when the marked photos of Jayaprada came out. Jayaprada faced many difficulties in her married life for many years.

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