Want another film opportunity with Balayya sir: Srileela

By iittm Editor September 4, 2023 6:38 PM IST

Nandamuri Balakrishna’s latest movie is “Bhagwant Kesari”. It stars Kajal Aggarwal, Srileela and others along with Balakrishna. It is known that the first song lyrical video from the movie Bhagwant Kesari has been released recently. Balakrishna and Srileela in this song are not all the fuss made by Baba’s daughter. Answering a question asked in an interview on this matter, Srileela said that Balayya feels like a real Baba to me, and that he has got along with us. Still talking about Balakrishna, Srileela said that he gives great respect to everyone on the set. He jokes with all the boys, but when the shot is ready, he turns like Bhagwant Kesari.

Srileela shared her experience with him saying that he gives respect to acting and gets immersed in the role. She expressed her desire to do another film with Balayya if she gets another chance.

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