Viva Harsha who is finally a householder..!!

By iittm Editor September 1, 2023 7:23 AM IST

Viva Harsha has gained popularity as a famous comedian and YouTuber. It seems that Viva Harsha, who has also acted as a comedian in many films and gained a lot of craze, has recently achieved his dream collaboration. He entered the house with his wife. The related photos were also shared on social media. Mega hero Sai Dharantej seems to have come as a guest for this housewarming. It seems that Sai Dharantej came to Harsha’s housewarming because of the friendship between the two of them..Currently these photos are going viral on social media and many fans are also congratulating Viva Harsha.

Harsha who started his career as a YouTuber made videos with new concepts and became very popular. Since then her name became popular as Vaiva Harsha. In 2014 she made her debut with the film Maine Pyaar Kiya and earned good marks with her performance in the film Color Photo. Varsha Sundaram, who has acted as a comedian so far in hero’s friend roles, is going to become a hero with the movie Master.

It seems that Vaivaharsha shared these photos out of joy that her dream of having her own home has finally come true. After marriage, he used to make various posts showing his love for his wife. Yiva Harsha also impressed everyone with her performance in the movie Baby. In particular, Chiranjeevi himself informed in an interview that Vivaharsha is the son of Chiranjeevi’s friend.

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