Vijay – Tamannaah who shocked the fans..!

By iittm Editor September 1, 2023 12:00 PM IST

Tamannaah, who is known as a milk beauty in the Tollywood film industry, needs no special introduction. She has been impressing the audience with her glamor and dance for the past decade, even after 17 years of entering the industry, she still continues to do the same, so you can understand her craze. It must be said that there are many fans who are mesmerized especially when Tamannaah appears on the silver screen with her milky beauty.

This cutie shared the screen with almost all the star heroes in Telugu.. She started her career with the movie Happy Days and then became a star celebrity. In a way, she has become a fashion icon in Tollywood and entertains the audience by doing photoshoots in different designer dresses on social media. Especially, she surprises the netizens with her trendy look and has been in the news for the past few days with her love affair. When it was revealed that Nani was in love with Vijay Varma, who played the villain in the middle class boy movie, Tamanna also openly said that she was in love with him.

Recently, the couple went to enjoy their vacation in Maldives. While the photos shared by Tamannaah from Maldives have gone viral, Tamannaah has not shared the photos with her boyfriend Vijay Varma. Recently both of them were seen separately at the airport after their vacation. It must be said that the media fans followed Tamanna and Vijay Varma. Tamanna mesmerized the boys once again by radiating beauty in a maroon color.. bra-like dress. Meanwhile, how did the fans who saw Tamanna’s holiday in the Maldives end? Did Vijay sir not come? When he questioned her, she left without answering. Asking the same question to Vijay Varma too.. Did you have fun in Maldives? A fan asked at the airport. What kind of questions is Vijay Varma asking? Don’t you know that such things should not be said? Expressing anger, they left there.

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