Verma’s tweet is causing a rift between Allu and Mega Family..!

By iittm Editor August 26, 2023 7:36 AM IST

Ramgopal Varma, who has become the epitome of controversies in the Tollywood film industry, needs no introduction. He is gaining more popularity by doing various tweets even in matters that have nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, it is known to all that Varma has been targeting Mega and Allu families lately. Now once again his sister who is on the mega family has gone.

It is known that Allu Arjun, who gained a lot of craze with his performance in the movie Pushpa, recently won the National Award for Best Actor. In this order, not only the Tollywood celebrities but also the celebrities of different languages ​​are showering praises on Allu Arjun and wishing him well.. but Varma’s criticism and tweeting has now become a hot topic.
If there is a chance, Pawan Kalyan is uniting Chalu Mega Family while saying that he is Varma’s fan, but he is putting counters on the other side.

In this sequence, Allu Arjun’s tweet criticizing when he received the National Award seems to have created a wedge between Mega and Allu’s families. Varma through his Twitter account.. If you are born as a son or brother of top heroes, you can easily succeed in the industry. But if you want super success, you have to start from the bottom and reach the top. But here even a grandson of a comedian has become a superhero and created a sensation at the box office and at the awards by saying that mega success is a mega success and he tried to upset the Mega and Allu families. With this, Mega Allu’s fans are furious with Varma. Let’s see if Allu Arjun will respond to this.

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