Vennela Kishore in Naya Avatar.. Spy action movie as the hero

By iittm Editor August 23, 2023 12:38 PM IST

Tollywood comedian Vennela Kishore was recently seen in a new avatar. He announced his first film as a hero. He recently said that he is doing a spy action comedy film. The title of Chari 111 was fixed for this film. Director TG Keerthy Kumar, who made the film started again with hero Sumanth, is directing this film. While Aditi Soni is producing under the banner of Barkat Studios, senior actor Murali Sharma, Brahmaji, Satya and Rahul Ravindran are playing other roles. While Kishore is acting as a secret spy, Murali Sharma will be seen as the head of a spy agency. Samyukta Viswanathan is playing the heroine.

Recently the makers announced the movie and released a glimpse. In the video, “An accident has come to this city which is always peaceful. An ex-army man comes to face it. There is a villain in this story. A heroine. Also a problem. All of them are waiting for only one. A hero. But what they got was a tube light guy who was lucky and didn’t have the talent style stuff.” Comedian Satya gave a voice over in the background.

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