Vaishnavi Chaitanya’s craze is not usual..Kumbhasthalam is the target..!

By iittm Editor August 31, 2023 8:36 AM IST

Anand Deverakonda, Viraj Ashwin and Vaishnavi Chaitanya starrer Baby. It must be said that this movie has set a trend so much that the entire youth is almost addicted to this movie. Actors also competed and acted too much. Meanwhile, it must be said that Vaishnavi Chaitanya got a huge craze with this movie. So much so that there is no doubt that her craze has now given her an opportunity in the Pan India range. Usually, only the stars who enter the industry through a film background are successful. But now after the availability of social media, common people are also entering the industry and becoming successful.

In this sequence, Vaishnavi Chaitanya also entered the industry without anyone’s support and got a unique identity for herself by doing many web series and cover songs. Now Baby has received more craze with the movie. Meanwhile, there is no official announcement about another movie after the movie Baby. But Vaishnavi Chaitanya has already committed to a movie with Allu Shiris..

Not only that, it is reported that Ram Pothineni has been selected as the second heroine of Double Smart Lonu. Vaishnavi Chaitanya is a Telugu girl who is a hero who belongs to a big family in the industry. It is to be known whether she really got a chance or it is a campaign coming on social media. If this is true, fans are commenting that it is as if Vaishnavi is targeting Pan India.

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