Tweet on Chandrayaan-3.. Case registered against Prakash Raj

By iittm Editor August 22, 2023 4:52 PM IST

Film actor Prakash Raj is embroiled in yet another controversy. Recently his post on ‘Chandrayaan 3’ went viral and netizens are angry with him. When all the Indians are eagerly waiting for ‘Chandrayaan 3’, Prakash Raj’s sarcastic post has led to severe criticism. According to the police, a case has been registered against actor Prakashraj in Bhagalkot district of Karnataka. It was revealed that the leaders of Hindu organizations had lodged a complaint against Prakashraj at Banahatti Police Station in the district and demanded action.

Prakash Raj’s tweet is that Prakash Raj tweeted a photo of a chai wala saying that this is the first photo sent by the Vikram lander from the top of the moon. As his tweet received severe criticism.. in response to it.. he made another tweet. “Hatred.. can only see hatred. I posted only about Kerala Chai Wala. And who is Chai Wala who trolled? A joke should be treated as a joke. Otherwise it will be on us. Grow up”.

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