Turum Khanlu Movie Full Review

By iittm Editor September 8, 2023 11:30 AM IST

These young guys have proved that if they have talent and come before the audience with a good story, even if they are newcomers, they can achieve success with that film. Sriram Nimmala, a new hero, proved his talent and entered the industry with the film Thurum Khanlu. If not, did Sriram Nimmala succeed with this movie as expected? Has he proven his talent? Now let’s see how the movie is doing.

Thurum Khanlu is a film produced by producer Yasif Jani under the direction of Siva Kalyan. It stars Sriram Nimmala, Devaraj Palamuru and Avinash Chaudhary as heroes. Aishwarya Ullingala, Puli Seetha, Vijaya Palasa, Priyanka etc. This recently released movie is very impressive to the audience. Till now, the teaser and trailer released from this movie have impressed the audience and the expectations of the movie have increased hugely. So, when it comes to the response of this movie which has been released globally today, the movie has been released in the background of Corona Lockdown. Moreover, the director entertained the audience with a very nice screenplay, taking the point that every problem faced in this movie is due to Lockdown. .

And when it comes to the story of this movie… there are always fights in a strange town called Tupakula Gudem. If one is successful, there will be more people who can’t stand it. This is the story of three people Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar in such a town. Shankar, who has a political background, is going to get married to his wife in two days, and exactly at that time, the Corona second lockdown will take place. But then the authorities put rules that marriage can be done but not more than 40 people. Shankar arranges the rules accordingly. But due to pressure at home, relatives had to be called more often.

Just then, Brahm, who is frustrated that he is 40 years old and still not married, makes an entry. Unable to digest that Shankar is getting married in front of his eyes, he calls the police and complains that they are violating the lockdown rules and getting married. Soon the police will come there and stop Shankar’s wedding. Knowing that Shankar’s marriage was stopped because of Brahma, Shankar is determined to take revenge on him. On the other hand, Vishnu misunderstands that his girlfriend Padma is talking to someone on the phone without his knowledge and keeps her away. No matter how much Padma tries, Vishnu does not listen.. but Vishnu also feels that he is doing something wrong. Anyway, when I went to the college where she was studying with the intention of meeting her, then the college was also closed due to Corona.

But if Vishnu goes directly to her village to meet Padma, people from outside the village say that there is no entry inside because of the lockdown. There is nothing more to do or Vishnu will come back. How did Vishnu and Padma meet in the end? Will they get married? Will Brahma get married? What efforts did Shankar make to harm Brahma? Did he finally marry his soulmate? Or? To know all this, you have to watch the movie, but it must be said that Sriram Nimmala has completely nailed it with his acting in this movie. Even the youth are getting impressed by his performance. And fans want Sriram Nimmal to get many more opportunities with this movie. Even those who have seen the movie, even if they are newcomers, are praising the actors for their amazing performance.

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