‘To become a star.. you have to go to bed’ is a heroine who has become green

By iittm Editor September 18, 2022 6:33 AM IST
Shama Sikinder

Times are changing.. Society is changing.. Situations are changing.. But the way of watching sports is still not changing. There is no reduction in the number of men who sexually harass women while claiming gender equality. Irrespective of the fields.. the behavior of the men who obey them is not changing at all. While telling morals in the movies, the behind-the-scenes atrocities in the name of commitment are still not stopped by the police. And this is the same thing once again.. a little strongly.. an up and coming heroine of Bollywood said to leave the rust in the ears. If you want to get a chance in movies, you have to sleep with the producers. She is Shama Sikander. Oh… Upcoming heroine. Her aim is to become a star in movies. But the time did not come together.. As the industry was not what he expected.. he started acting in serials. Bulli has earned a good reputation on screen. Even now they are getting chances in movies. In this order, he talked about the casting couch that has taken root in the industry. He told the shocking truth saying that he is also a victim.

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