Tillu’s girlfriend is giving a glamorous treat..!

By iittm Editor October 26, 2022 9:30 AM IST

Neha Shetty.. After getting a chance in Telugu in the movie Mehbooba and playing the heroine in Sandeep Kishan’s Gully Rowdy. Neha Shetty, who recently starred in Sidhu Jonnalagadda’s DJ Tillu movie, is enthralled in the role of Radhika in this movie. The audience also connected to Radhika’s character. Now she does not only films but also commercials. Neha Shetty recently made a Zomato ad with Allu Arjun.

Neha Shetty is getting a series of offers with DJ Tillu Craze. Currently, RX 100 has got an opportunity opposite hero Karthikeya. Apart from movies, this cutie impresses followers with her glamor attack on social media.

In this order, it became the center of attraction on the occasion of Diwali festival with its glamorous look. She participated in the Diwali party.. sleeveless jacket.. Gagra wowed with her beauty. Boys are also going crazy after seeing her glamor hot show. Moreover, this cutie is impressing the boys with her crazy looks as if there are no limits in the glamor show.

Neha Shetty is also one of those young heroines who say yes to any role. An example is DJ Tillu. Radhika’s role in this movie should have a lot of guts. But Neha Shetty took advantage of the opportunity very gracefully. Using the new identity, she is getting more excited with hot photoshoots. It is yet to be known what opportunities will come to this cutie.

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