They are both made for each other..: Niharika

By iittm Editor September 17, 2023 6:26 PM IST

Mega daughter Niharika breaks up with husband and enjoys life. She is always active on social media and shares her glamor photos. Recently she also went on vacation with her family. Recently, interesting comments made by Niharika have gone viral. “My family and I recently went to Kenya. Always wanted to go to Kenya. It has been done so far. I am very happy to have time to enjoy with my family. They have gone to India but I am with my friends in America. Because I have many projects in hand. Apart from producing a few web series, I have also okayed a film. So I need a 20 day break. That is why I came to America.

Niharika Konidela, Niharika with hot photo.. Baboy!  Mega daughter getting hotter after marriage - niharika shared hot photo in her social media account - Samayam ...

Currently I have some projects in hand. I said OK for a movie too. So I came to America for a break of 20 days. Talking about elder brother’s marriage, the place of marriage has not been finalized yet. My elder brother is calling saying that he will come soon if he has wedding work. Talking about Lavanya… she was my good friend before she fell in love with my elder brother. Niharika said that both of them are made for each other.

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