These are the top 10 rich heroes in India.. He is at the first place..!

By iittm Editor August 15, 2023 7:07 PM IST

No matter how beautiful the heroine is, if her air is four maha, it will not be more than five. All previous offers will not come. The demand for them in the market will fall. Preference will be given to newcomers from time to time. But not so with heroes. Even if they cross 47, their demand will not decrease even a bit. It will increase even more. There are many heroes who are an example of that. People like Balakrishna, Chiranjeevi and Rajinikanth are still making films and breaking records. They are taking hundreds of crores for each film. This is the list of top 10 richest actors in India..! It is special that our Telugu heroes are also there.

Shahrukh Khan is number one among the richest actors in India. He receives crores of rupees for each film. He has his own team in IPL. There is a film production company. He promotes many brands. His total assets are 6300 crore rupees.

Another richest hero in Bollywood is Hrithik Roshan. He is taking 50-60 crores per film. He takes Rs.10 crores for brand promotion. He also owns a clothing-shoe brand. His property is 3100 crore rupees.

Famous Bollywood actor Amitabh Bachchan has been in the film industry for many decades. His experience is vast. Along with the movie, Kaun Banega is hosting a television show called Karod Pati. He is getting 10 crores per film. His property is 3000 crore rupees.

Salman Khan is a big name in Bollywood. He has his own clothing brand, a charity. Even after 57 years, the thought of marriage did not come. His property is 2850 crore rupees.

Akshay Kumar is completing his film works very fast in Bollywood. That is why three-four films of his are released in a year. His property is 2,660 crore rupees. He is also recognized as the hero who pays the highest tax.

Actor Aamir Khan took a break from acting. So the demand for him in the market has not decreased. He invested in many ventures. He has his own production company. His property is 1862 crore rupees.

Ram Charan became a global star through the movie RRR. The Natu Natu song of this film won an Oscar. This star actor is in high demand. His property is worth 1370 crore rupees.

Akkineni Nagarjuna, actor and host of Telugu Bigg Boss, is in high demand. His property is worth 950 crore rupees. He is taking 10 crore rupees for each film. There is talk of taking Rs. 15 crores for Bigg Boss.

Kollywood star actor Rajinikanth has been in the film industry for many years. His movie Jailer was released recently. It was also a super hit. He got success with this movie. His property is more than 450 crore rupees.

Allu Arjun has gained fame at pan India level. His property is 380 crore rupees. He has his own multiplex. Currently he is busy with the movie Pushpa 2. India is eagerly waiting for this movie.

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