The YouTuber who exposed the secret of Big Boss contestant’s son..!

By iittm Editor September 11, 2023 1:10 PM IST

Pallavi Prashanth, who entered the Bigg Boss show as a farmer’s child in the common man category, got huge popularity by mixing Pulihora with girls. Pallavi Prashanth entered the house wearing a shoulder bag and carrying the sentiments of the farmers of two Telugu states on his shoulders as he entered the stage. Before leaving, he talked about the farmers through his YouTube channel and after entering the Tira House, he became more adwan by mixing with the girls. When a girl hits him, he gets confused.. On the other hand, he runs a love track with Rathika.

Prashant, who spoke before that his main purpose for coming into the house was to inform everyone about the problems of farmers, now he is acting like he has forgotten that he is actually a farmer. But recently, Pallavi Prashanth, the owner of the popular YouTube channel Anvesh, who is a famous YouTuber, made sensational comments about him. Prashant said that all the words he speaks are dramas. Actually, before coming to Bigg Boss, once Prashant talked to Anvesh.. I should go to Bigg Boss show and become popular.. Anvesh was shocked by Prashant’s words. Anvesh also questioned saying that everyone knows about the farmers, especially what you are saying. Anvesh revealed this in a recent video that Pallavi Prashant, who was hurt by this, blocked him.

Just by looking at him you can understand how big a fraud he is. Anvesh got angry saying that I will tell you something about the farmers. YouTubers are angry with Pallavi Prashanth for calling him a farmer’s child by blocking the farmer.

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