The producer who washed the coffee cups with relangi.. the reason..?

By iittm Editor October 23, 2022 2:29 PM IST

Raylangi Narasimha Rao has reached a high position as a director in Telugu cinema. Relangi Narasimha Rao has established a stable position in the Telugu film industry by making many comedy oriented films like Edurinti Mogudu Pakkinti Pellam, Dooya Pellala Muddula Police, Police Wife, Sundari Subbarao. But all this is now, but in the days when there was no connection with the film industry, there was a lot to go to the movies. Then, not knowing what to do, he went directly to Dasari, who was close to his family, and started asking for film opportunities.

In 1972, Dasari directed the film Tatha-Manavadu, his first film, which became a hit when it was released. Pratap Arts head K Raghava and Dasari decided to make another movie titled Samsaram Sagaram under the same production house, Pratap banner. When Dasari was asked to work as an assistant director, he said yes, and one day he was taken directly to Raghava. He was already sitting in the garden in front of the house. Dasari garu was confused because Relangi was already a status man. And his father is a doctor.. There is also a very big building in Palakollu. In the house there were also Naukars and Chakars.

If such a person is worried about bringing a chair to him.. Raghavagaru stopped him. But Relangi didn’t hesitate and went inside and brought the chairs. After that, when the maid brought the teas, Raghavagaru once again ordered Relangi to put the tea cups inside. Dasari got confused again.. but Relangi washed the cups inside and came back. Otherwise, after Dasari leaves, Raghavagaru stops Relangi and asks if you know why there are so many workers.. When you are working as an assistant director in the film, if the shot is ready, the artist may walk away and put the cup of coffee in his hand.. the slippers in their hand. I can give it to you. It is said that you will excel in the industry when you can do any kind of work without hesitation. Relangi grew up as a director and became a great person after working hard.

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