The industry is in shock for what Suma is doing.. no matter how great..!

By iittm Editor September 2, 2023 8:47 AM IST

Suma needs no introduction as she is a busy anchor on Telugu television. Even though she is a Malayalee cutie who spends seven days a week without a moment’s leisure, she impresses everyone with her perfect Telugu language. Especially Suma, who acted in many movies in the beginning of her career, also acted in TV serials.

Meanwhile, the entire industry is surprised to know that Suma is doing a good job. Moreover, the netizens are also showering praises on her saying that the minds of great people are like this for this decision taken by her. When it comes to what Suma has done so far… this cute girl who decided to help four people… can be said to have started a big task. If we go to the actual matter, the organization called Festivals of Joy is Suma Dream because… it started this program with the intention of not only eating what it got but also doing something for everyone.

On her part, she is adopting 30 students and studying them.. Moreover, they are her responsibility until they are well settled.. She said that she will stay with them.. Moreover, the FIA ​​organization in America is already working with them. Moreover, they have donated Jaipur limbs along with them, Suma said. . Suma, who always teases everyone with her funny words, shows her goodness by doing such good deeds without telling anyone, and her fans are also showering praises on her. However, everyone is falling in love with Suma’s great mind.

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