The condition of Jabardast rain is worse..what happened?

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 8:31 AM IST

Everyone knows about Jabardasth Varsha..she is entertaining the boys with hot exposures..she became more popular with controversies than doing comedy.First she was doing a small character in a serial.There was not much craze then..but now it is clear that she is in a good form. She got so crazy. To tell the truth, everyone got lost in the beauty of Varsha. Because of her variety of voice, even if all the satires on her are lady get-up, people still like her.

Ever since Varsha Emmanuel’s track was worked out on stage, these two have become famous as a crazy couple on screen. Though not in the range of Sudhir Rashmi, Varsha Emmanuel couple also has a good craze. Both have done many events and festival shows together. Both went to the range of making events. Jabardasth and Sridevi’s drama company show is not the usual rush of two.

She is trending on social media. But recently it is known that Jabardast Varsha’s health is not good. On Sunday, due to poor health, he could not even eat chicken. She said that she is taking tablets. But now the rain was seen on the hospital bed. It has saline on her hand. Moreover, it seems that some tests are also being done. And we need to know if she has a normal fever… or if there is a worse situation… after all, her post will go viral..

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