The actor put his hand on my waist and made lewd comments – Kavitha

By iittm Editor September 12, 2023 10:22 AM IST

Kavitha, who has gained recognition as one of the senior actresses, acted as a heroine in many films and later acted as a character artist in many films and pleased the audience. Meanwhile, Kavitha made key comments about her bitter experience while shooting a film.. Now those things are going viral on social media.. She said.. There is a lot of casting couch in the film industry. But I also bore that pain.

First I won’t tell their names but a character artist put his hand on my stomach and said Kavita doesn’t have a stomach that’s why she looks thin. I got very irritated and cursed a lot. I was angry that there was a need to touch me and talk to me. I am married and have children.. What is the need to touch me and talk to me, she asked. Kavitha commented that I got so angry in the re-entry. Moreover, she said that there were days when she used to carry a broom and jumped from 20 feet when her mother was not around.

In addition, while filming Bandipotu Rudramma, in one shot, she jumped down from a height of 20 feet. At that time, her mother saw her. She commented that KS Reddy struck the first clap. All the comments made by Kavita are becoming viral.

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