That’s why these two star heroines are not talking..?

By iittm Editor August 31, 2023 9:26 AM IST

Compared to other people, the heroes and heroines in the industry always have the same idea that they should be higher than everyone else.. That’s what makes them work hard day and night for the film. In a way, everyone in the industry is doing their work very sharp and getting opportunities. Especially, these ego problems are more common not only among the actors who are playing the hero in the movies but also among the actresses who are playing the heroines.

But even though these things are not taken into consideration now, many people say that back then, there was a lot of ego problem between star senior heroines like Ramya Krishna and Meena. That’s why the news that both of them have not acted together in many films is heard from time to time in the industry. In fact, if Ramyakrishna gained huge popularity as a lady villain in the film industry, on the other hand, Meena as a heroine gained more craze.

However, there is no record of any quarrel between the two of them even though they were going in the same direction. But there are rumors that both of them do not get along because of their ego. It is reported that there is an ego clash between the two due to the fact that one is getting more opportunities than the other and that is why the two are not talking. If Meena was lonely after her husband’s death, but she was getting occasional opportunities, Ramya Krishna started her second innings and became busy again with a series of films.

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