That matter is not within my scope.. Manchu Lakshmi’s viral comments on Manoj’s marriage..

Manchu Lakshmi recently made viral comments on Manchu Manoj Bhama Maunika’s wedding. When the media asked when Manoj will get married, he got impatient saying that matter is not within my scope. In this background, both of them are coming close to the media. But so far they have not given any official announcement regarding the marriage. But from earlier, there are rumors that both the families do not like this marriage. But recently Manchu Lakshmi responded on this matter..

Manchu Lakshmi, who came to see Srikalahasti, was showered with questions on the marriage of Manchu Manoj from the media. Both of them are going to get married soon.. Manchu Lakshmi got a bit impatient when she was asked how much truth is there in these news.. She said that it is not appropriate to talk about such things even in the temple. He also said that Manoj’s marriage has nothing to do with him. Moreover, they said that I can only speak for things that are within my scope and that marriage is not within my scope.

Now these words have become a topic of discussion. It is known that Manchu’s family does not want Manoj and Maunik to get married for the second time. Now seeing Manchu Lakshmi’s reaction, fans think this is true.. But Bhama Maunika was also married before and got divorced..

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