Telugu Warriors: Akhil and Ashwin defeated Bengal Tigers..Telugu Warriors with second consecutive win..

Ccl Telugu Warriors

In Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) 2023, Telugu Warriors won their second consecutive victory. The Tollywood team which won against Kerala in the first match, defeated Bengal Tigers in the second match. Captain Akkineni Akhil once again showed his strength and got a resounding victory over Bengal. In the first innings, Bengal scored 114 runs in 10 overs. But even though the team lost 3 wickets for 32 runs, Bengal was able to score a huge score due to Jishshu Sengupta’s performance. After that, the Telugu Warriors who came to the ground scored 126 runs for the loss of 4 wickets in 10 overs. This gave them a lead of 12 runs against Bengal. Akhil, who scored 91 (30) and 65* (19) in the match against Kerala, made his third consecutive half-century in the tournament. Akhil scored 57 runs in just 26 balls in this match against Bengal Tigers. On the other hand, Ashwin Babu also scored 43 runs in 17 balls.

In the second innings, captain Jishshu Sen Gupta scored 83 runs.. Bengal Tigers scored 126 runs in ten overs. After leading by 12 runs in the first innings, Telugu Warriors needed 114 runs to win. In this sequence, Tollywood lost only two wickets and reached the target in 8.2 overs as Ashwin scored 62 runs in the second innings.

With this victory, Telugu Warriors reached the top position in the CCL 2023 points table. It is known that Telugu Warriors won by 64 runs against Kerala Strikers in the match held at Raipur last Sunday. The Celebrity Cricket League started in 2011.. till 2019 it has run smoothly every year. But due to the effect of Corona, this tournament could not be held for three years. 8 teams are competing in the ongoing CCL 2023 season. The final match of this season will be held on March 19 in Hyderabad.

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