Tejaswi doesn’t like to keep clothes or not..Video goes viral..!

By iittm Editor October 22, 2022 12:41 PM IST

Tejaswi Madivada.. Tejaswi, who was introduced to the Telugu screen through Sirimalle Chettu in Seethamma Vakitlo, later acted in films like Kerintha and Manam and impressed the audience with the nickname of Method. This cutie, who entertained the audience immensely with her antics and impressive beauty, then surprised everyone by acting boldly in the movie Ice Cream directed by Ramgopal Varma. It must be said that Tejaswi, who was sweating profusely in a bikini, gave a melodious performance in the recently released movie Commitment. She got good marks in this movie. There is no hesitation in doing romantic bed scenes together.

Tejaswi, who has been away from the film industry for the past few days, is making waves on social media with her glamor photoshoots. This cutie is shooting arrows in the hearts of boys by giving hot treats one after another. Recently, Tejaswi released a hot dance video on Instagram. Tejaswi, dressed in a small dress, rocked the floor with a hot dance. Tejaswi danced to the music number while exposing her thunder thighs. Moreover, she did a hot show with two chicken eggs in her hand and her crazy dance moments became viral on the internet. The way Tejaswi dances excitedly bending his body like a bow is super super.

Tempting guys like they don’t even want to keep their clothes on. Tejaswi also gave an interesting comment on this video. “Talking about sexuality is no longer a secret… not even dirty,” she posted. Currently, this video and this comment are becoming very viral.


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