Tarakaratna: Tarakaratna’s daughter ran and hugged Balayya when he arrived.. Emotional | Taraka Ratna Daughter Nishka Emotional After Seeing Balakrishna Hugs Him Immediately Telugu News

Nandamuri’s family was plunged into endless tragedy. Megastar Chiranjeevi visited Tarakaratna’s family members. Chiru paid homage to Tarakaratna’s physical body. Chiranjeevi expressed his deepest condolences to their family.

‘I can’t bear to imagine that my Tarakaratna, whom I call affectionately as Bala Baba, will no longer be heard’. Balayya made all efforts to save the boy’s life. On the one hand, giving courage to the family members, on the other hand, they made every effort to provide the best treatment. But none of that worked. But Tarakaratna’s elder daughter Nishika has been standing at her father’s body and crying since morning. But the way Balayya immediately went and hugged him when he arrived was truly heartwarming. Balayya has given courage to Tarakaratna’s wife and children all these years. He was with them during the days in the hospital. Even if he came to Hyderabad for some work in the middle, he would go to Bangalore hospital as soon as the work was over. Balayya gave them courage by being with them in such a difficult time. That’s why when Balayya appeared, Nishika went and hugged him. Grandpa found comfort in his heart.

Babu and Sai Reddy talked for a long time

The leaders who had been criticizing each other since the beginning of Tellari got together. Chandrababu and MP Vijayasai Reddy, who were bitter enemies, greeted each other. Tributes were paid to Tarakaratna’s death. Leaving the political conflict behind, they were filled with broken hearts.

Tarakaratna’s body will be cremated on Monday. The body will be kept in the film chamber for fans to visit from seven in the morning to four in the evening. Prime Minister Modi, CMs KCR, Jagan and other political and film personalities of Telugu states have expressed deep condolences over the untimely death of Tarak.

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