Tarakaratna: Is this the real reason for Tarakaratna’s heart attack..?

Nandamuri Tarakaratna.. Sudden death due to heart attack at the age of 39 is really sad.. Tarakaratna came to Kuppam on 27th January to participate in Lokesh Padayatra.. While coming out after offering prayers in a mosque.. After walking for some distance he suddenly collapsed.. Immediately he was shifted to Kuppam Hospital.. But the doctors revealed that Tarakaratna suffered from severe heart pain. After that, Tarakaratna was shifted to Bangalore Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital for better treatment and despite being treated for 23 days, Tarakaratna passed away on Saturday evening on Mahashivratri.

Who can’t digest death at such a young age.. But it is believed that Tarakaratna died due to extreme stress.. But the questions about what caused Tarakaratna so much tension are now becoming viral.. Although Tarakaratna looks good on the outside, Tarakaratna’s close friends say that he felt a lot of tension inside. Tarakaratna, who entered films as the successor of Nandamuri, made his Tollywood entry with the film Okato Nombar Kurradu.

After that, he received a series of opportunities.. But those films stopped in the middle before they hit the screens. After that he lost opportunities.. But he never lost his patience.. So finally he played a villain character in 2009 movie Amaravati and also received Nandi Award for his villain role. Last year, he entertained the audience with a web series called Nine Hours. Tarakaratna, who wanted to reach high positions in politics, died without fulfilling his last wish.

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