Taraka Ratna: An insane person who came to see Taraka Ratna.. says something to Balayya.. Video

A Homeless Man Comes See Taraka Ratna At His Last Rites And Speaks To Balakrishna

Family members of Nandamuri completed the rites for Tarakaratna’s body. The body of Nandamuri Tarakaratna will be cremated after 3 PM. Unable to bear the untimely death of the person he loved so much, Alekhya Reddy fell ill. In addition to trembling in the legs and hands, he was under some mental stress. Alekhya’s health seems to be deteriorating at present. Babai Balakrishna is very fond of Tarakaratna. fondness He also got his photo tattooed on his shoulder. There is a special bond between the two. Tarakaratna fell ill due to this and Balayya was shaken. Now Balayya is being looked after closely even in the last programs.

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