Tammareddy supported Puri and Charmi..!!

By iittm Editor October 26, 2022 5:09 PM IST

If you look at the hype before the release of the film Liger directed by Puri Jagannath starring Vijay Devarakonda, everyone thought it was a 500 crore film. Because Vijay traveled all over India and brought super hype. It was also revealed that boxing legend Mike Tyson acted in it. With the confidence shown by Puri and Charmi in the interviews, everyone hoped that this would be a great movie. When they did not give the OTT at a better rate than they asked, the buyers went crazy and bought more.

After the release, there was a lot of negative talk about the film. With that, the movie flopped at the box office. As a result, all the distributors suffered losses. But now when the buyers demand for money, Puri Jagannath gave a strong warning in an audio saying that I have money due to me and I will give it when it comes, if I pretend to be crazy I will not get even a rupee.

Now famous producer Tammareddy Bharadwaja has also responded to this controversy. It is the director’s job to make a film, and the producer decides how much to sell his film. You have to see how much the hero earned in the last movie and how much it will be safe to spend now. That’s all, he said, how can he buy the auction at crazy high rates and now bear the loss. Also, he commented that the movie Neninthe was made like this even then.

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