Suma put Samantha in a tight spot at Khushi’s event.. what happened..?

By iittm Editor August 27, 2023 5:46 PM IST

Samantha is the heroine and Vijay Devarakonda is the hero in the film Khushi under the direction of director Siva Nirvana on September 1st. In view of the upcoming release, the film team is carrying out the promotions of the film at a fast pace. As a part of that, Suma, Rajeev Kanakala, Vijay Devarakonda and Samantha were flirting. Especially in the interview Samantha laughed a bit and gave funny answers, but when the topic of marriage came up, she could not express her opinion and remained silent. Suspicions are also being expressed that Khushi targeted Samantha and brought up the topic of Suma’s marriage in the event.

What is Khushi in all your lives? When asked, Vijay Devarakonda kept saying that Khushi means his family and marriage in his life. But everyone keeps giving advice that why marriage.. are you happy now.. is it necessary to get married.. While Vijay was talking, Rajeev got confused and countered saying that marriage will be good for some time. Suma placed another counter next to it. What’s wrong, I will advise Vijay to get married.. Why should you be happy alone, she also punched at the end.

But while everyone was making a counter, Samantha remained silent without saying anything. Especially when she laughs at their jokes, she does not open her mouth to speak. Netizens are also commenting whether Suma Samantha has made comments keeping in mind her married life. Samantha says that Khushi means that she is devoting time to herself and that she is thinking about herself right now, this is her Khushi.

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