Srikanth – Is there a story behind Uha’s marriage?

By iittm Editor August 27, 2023 6:11 PM IST

Srikanth, who is recognized as a family hero in the Tollywood film industry, needs no special introduction. Loved and married co-star Uha while working in films. Two boys are living a happy life with a girl. Meanwhile, their love and marriage also faced many obstacles. After many years of secret love between them, they got married after convincing both the families. Although Uha’s parents initially did not agree to marry Srikanth to Uha, their marriage took place when a star hero entered.

Srikanth fell in love while acting in the movie Uha Aam. After acting in 3 movies, they did not show their love anywhere. But Uhau’s parents were already looking at Uhau’s matrimonial relationship and she was in love with Srikanth. When Srikanth came to know the matter, he went straight to Uha’s house and said that he will marry your daughter, but her parents did not agree at all. They said that we do not want to bring a husband for our daughter from the film industry.

Srikanth was very hurt by that. But when Chiranjeevi came to know about the matter, Srikanth decided to marry Uhawa.. He talked to Uhawa’s parents and told them about Srikanth and his greatness. It is reported that Chiranjeevi’s marriage was done by them. In the meantime, there were reports that Srikanth was going to get a divorce.. Srikanth responded very strongly and gave a strong warning.

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