Sri Reddy is said to be in a relationship with the CM’s son..!

By iittm Editor September 6, 2023 11:39 AM IST

Actress Sri Reddy is also one of those who could not gain popularity in Tollywood by acting in adapa-dadapa movies.. But when she did a Metoo movement on the casting couch and made hot comments on many star heroes.. that made her name popular. Shri Reddy always intervenes in unrelated matters and makes harsh comments on mega heroes and other heroes. Sometimes it reacts on politics and gives strong counters.

Now the latest comments made by Mr. Reddy are becoming a hot topic on social media. This time, Sri Reddy suddenly dropped the bombshell that she had a relationship with that politician. The politician was none other than Tamil Nadu CM Stalin’s son Udayanidhi Stalin. Almost three years ago, Sri Reddy told Udayinidhi that she had good acquaintances with him.

Sri Reddy made a sensational comment saying that he was subjugated by telling him that he would give him opportunities. At the same time, these comments made by Mr. Reddy saying that he has such a relationship with the CM’s son are also becoming very viral on social media.. And who will respond to this matter? Shree Reddy also makes similar comments on many heroes.

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