Sonia Agarwal once again made hot comments on marriage..!

By iittm Editor August 25, 2023 9:02 AM IST

Sonia Aggarwal, who impressed the Telugu audience in 2004 with the movie 7/G Vrindavan Colony, needs no special introduction. Although she has done a few films in Telugu, she has gained huge popularity and has impressed the Telugu audience with her performance. Later, as there were no opportunities in Telugu, she focused on Tamil and Kannada films and got a huge craze there. Meanwhile, it is known that the makers have recently announced that they are making a sequel to this movie.

Sonia married star director Selva Raghavan in 2006 and got divorced in 2010. Later Selva Raghavan got married again in 2011. But Sonia is living alone. Meanwhile, she recently revealed many things in an interview.. Sonia Aggarwal said.. Selvaraghavan is a stubborn person as a director.. but he is not such a person in his personal life.

Always calm and busy.. He was in his own world with writing etc. But there is no point in talking to me about married life anymore. Why we broke up .. only he, I know. She said that I am as happy with my path as he is with the way he is going. I don’t understand how people who were together as husband and wife in life can remain friends after separation. As far as I am concerned it is not possible. I cannot do such a thing. I can’t see you as a friend after love dies. Sonia said that there is no such person in my life.

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