Sonam didn’t leave Rana even after apologizing..!

By iittm Editor August 16, 2023 3:26 PM IST

Pan India hero Rana’s recent comments at the King of New pre-release event have now become controversial. He said that Sonam Kapoor has no discipline. But despite Rana’s apology, Sonam Kapoor doesn’t seem to have cooled down. Indirectly she also countered Rana. It is noteworthy to share a quote that such people talk about people. “Narrow-minded people talk about others.. but common people talk about events.. Only intellectuals discuss new ideas,” she shared a quote.

But many people who saw this post think that Sonam countered Rana. It is said that she described Rana as a narrow-minded person who spoke wrongly about her. The real controversy is Dulquer Salmaan’s latest film King of Kota. A pre-release event was held in Hyderabad on the backdrop of the film’s release on August 24. Rana attended the program as a guest.. On this occasion, Rana said that Dulquer is very patient. He is very simple.

Earlier, I went to the sets of a Bollywood movie made by Dulquer Salmaan when my friends were shooting for it in Hyderabad. But a big Bollywood heroine who is acting in that film was talking to her husband on the phone about shopping… she made Dulquer wait for a long time. Dulquer waited patiently in the sun even though he was talking on the phone between takes after take. In the end, Sonam Kapoor got trolled with those comments saying that my patience was also lost. With this, this controversy is a bit of a mess now.

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