Shivaji ruckus in Bigg Boss house. If you don’t open the door, the door will be broken, warning.

By iittm Editor September 7, 2023 7:06 PM IST

Bigg Boss season-7 Telugu has started. Friday is just coming. But actor Shivaji, who is one of the contestants of this season, looks a bit on fire. Actor Shivaji expressed his impatience and fired on Bigg Boss as there was no opportunity to drink coffee in the house until the luxury budget task. He gave a warning saying, ‘If I watch for an hour… I will not be afraid of anyone’.

Seeing Shivaji’s behavior, Bigg Boss sent a BP mission and told Dr. Gautham to check everyone’s blood pressure, making Shivaji even more angry. ‘What do you see brother.. Put it there. Look at Bigg Boss BP, you’ve had enough.’ ‘I will be very down. If provoked, the whole thing will break and go away. The people in the house were surprised as he spoke impatiently saying, “Tie the door.. Just ask if you have a minute”. This promo is currently going viral.

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