Sanatana Dharma Controversy.. Rashmi Fired on Netizen’s Comment

By iittm Editor September 12, 2023 10:10 AM IST

Telugu TV anchor Rashmi Gautam got angry with a netizen. After Tamil Nadu Minister Udayanidhi Stalin’s controversial comments on Sanatana Dharma, videos in which many celebrities talked about Sanatana Dharma went viral.

‘No one has the right to criticize my Sanatana Dharma when I follow it. Rashmi responded to the video of Tollywood hero and Janasena chief Pawan Kalyan’s speech when it went viral on Twitter saying, ‘If you are criticizing like that, you have different agendas.’ She reposted the video and added a heart-hands (to mean good) emoji under it.

A netizen reacted to this and said, “Dear Rashmi, we have no problem with your dharma. But BJP is committing many crimes in that name. Innocent lives are being sacrificed in the name of religion. Take a look at the events of Manipur,” he said. Rashmi reacted to this and said that if you have a problem with BJP, why are you arguing with me? You are wasting your time.

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