Samyuktha Menon : Soyagam that exudes Telugu..combined pics viral

By iittm Editor February 26, 2023 1:47 PM IST

Many heroines are coming from Kerala which is not possible for any other industry in South. Keralakutty Samyukta Menon came from it. Bhama, who has gained recognition by acting in Malayalam and Tamil as well as Kannada, recently appeared in Pawan Kalyan and Rana’s Bhimla Nayak movie, Bimbisara and Saar.

Daggubati acted as heroine opposite Rana in Bhimla Nayak movie. Samyukta Menon entered the film industry in the year 2016 as the heroine of the Malayalam movie Popcorn.

Anjana’s role in it brought her good name. While acting in Malayalam, Kalari also greeted with this movie in Tamil.

It was in this background that she got a chance in Pawan Kalyan’s film Bhimla Nayak. In this movie, Samyukta Meenam… has acted as an experienced actress. It felt good to compete with Nithya Menon.

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