Roja’s emotional post on Jordhar Sujatha – Rocking Rakesh couple

Jordaar Sujatha – Rocking Rakesh nothing special to say. However, Jordaar Sujatha – Rocking Rakesh couple got married recently. The related videos and photos are also becoming viral on social media. It is reported that this marriage took place in the presence of only two family members and the Jabarthest comedian. However, Minister Roja responded to this.

“Mangalyam tantunanena..mama jeevan hetuna!kanthe badhnami subhage!tvanjeeva sharadam satam” Roja posted. Rakesh and Sujatha, who are most affectionately called to me as mother, blessed the new couple by tying Mangalya around Sujatha’s neck with the mangal sutra, which is the reason for the happy life. Roja commented that Sukhibhava Sumangali Sukhibhava Su(Jata)sheelavai Chirayuvai Sukhibhava… This post has now gone viral.

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