Ritu Chaudhary wants to go to Akkineni’s house as daughter-in-law..!

By iittm Editor August 17, 2023 11:55 AM IST

Jabardasth Ritu, who gained huge popularity through the Jabardasth show, needs no special introduction. This cute girl, who always makes boys go crazy with her glamor photoshoots, once made tiktoks and short videos and got recognized as a social media star and later got an opportunity to act as an actress in many serials on the big screen. She first acted in the serial Gorintaku, and then she acted in serials like Ammaparadi and Intiguttu.

Ritu, who earned a good name in serials, entered as a guest in Jabardasth and then settled down as a lady comedian there. And since she is also doing good comedy, the television audience has supported her. Currently away from Jabardasth, she is making noise by participating in entertainment shows that are aired on television from time to time. If she gets a little free time, this sweet grandmother who loves her followers and patiently answers their questions. In this order, her followers are asking more questions about her marriage.

In this background, a netizen recently married Naga Chaitanya.. He also said that he is getting a divorce.. Through a selfie video, he said that if he is lucky, he will do it immediately. She said without any face.. Currently this matter is becoming viral on social media. Because of this, some people are commenting that they are ready to marry a divorced person.

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