Rishab Shetty: ‘Kantara’ hero has a tough decision… he will do only those films

By iittm Editor October 23, 2022 4:43 PM IST

Rishab Shetty: 'Kantara' hero has a tough decision... he will do only those films

Rishab Shetty: Hero Rishab Shetty became familiar to all industries with the movie Kantara. Writing a story and directing it is not an ordinary thing and Rishabh succeeded in it. And with the success of this film, opportunities are coming to him from all industries. Producers are trying to sign a deal with Rishabh to make it under our banner. But no other hero would take this opportunity.. But Rishabh refused to do it.. Because he has a lot of regional love.. He said that he will not do any other films except Kannada films.

Recently in an interview Rishabh said, “Recently many people are making me films in other languages..? They are asking. But I always make movies in Kannada.. I act in those movies.. I translate those movies in other languages. So I will do my best for the growth of our Kannada industry.” He said. Now these comments have gone viral. Can the Kantara hero’s dream come true..? Or..? Time will decide.

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