Review: Five years of waiting.. Vijay Devarakonda checked with the film Khushi..!!

By iittm Editor September 1, 2023 8:47 AM IST

Vijay Deverakonda and Samantha starrer Khushi is releasing today. This film was directed by director Siva. The film was released worldwide on a pan India level. Premium shows were released in the USA earlier than in the two Telugu states. Even there, the audience got a positive response to this movie. And let’s know how the movie Khushi, which was released amid huge expectations, impressed the audience.

Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda’s chemistry in the film Khushi is amazing. Vijay Devarakonda’s fans are celebrating with the positive talk from the morning show. The teaser, trailer and songs released from this movie are also super hits. Samantha and Vijay Devarakonda’s chemistry on screen is also amazing. Comments are heard.

The audience is commenting that Siva Khushi, who was successful with films like Director Majili and Ninnu Koru, got another blockbuster success.

Another netizen is commenting that Khushi, which is no less than a blockbuster movie, will become a sensational blockbuster hit after five years, saying that the wait for Vijay Devarakonda’s hit has been rewarded.

Anyway, Vijay Deverakonda’s acting and Samantha’s acting seem to be making the audience laugh with comedy timing. The last 30 minutes will be the highlight of this movie. Finally Vijay Devarakonda who got a big disaster with Ligar movie at pan India level got another blockbuster with Khushi movie.

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