Rathika gets emotional touching her ex-boyfriend..!

By iittm Editor September 8, 2023 10:25 AM IST

In the Bigg Boss house, the contestants appear with full energy and play so hard that if they are given a task, they have to win late. In particular, all the contestants have become alert whether Bigg Boss has hoped to give five weeks of immunity power. In this order, some people were pleased while others overreacted. Rathika, who always looks like a mischievous girl, shed tears touching her ex-boyfriend. And when it comes to what happened in the episode on September 7, Bigg Boss said in Lady Getup that he will give a chance to those who have impressed him to stand in the immunity task ring.

With this, Amardeep got involved in the role of NTR Chari in the movie Adurs.. Ratika Brahmi in the character. Shivaji, however, said that all this is not his work. In front of the cameras, he insisted that it was only acting. A confused Rathika.. Then Shivaji told Gautham to check BP and Rathika to tell what everyone’s heart is saying with a stethoscope. But even here Shivaji stopped them from working by overacting. Unable to bear it, Bigg Boss finally called him into the confession room, gave him coffee and made him gag.

Bigg Boss calls Rathika into the confession room while they are teasing them and what kind of boys do you like? She said that she should be innocent.. She should be knowledgeable about music.. In one word, she should be like my ex-boyfriend. When Bigg Boss asked if she misses anyone.. Rathika burst into tears. I get very disturbed when this topic comes up. She says that she doesn’t know when she will get out of this pain. And then to make her happy, Bigg Boss played a song called Udatta Udatta Vooch saying that he will sing a song for you.

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