Rashmi is very important in my life.. Sudhir is open about love..!!

By iittm Editor September 5, 2023 9:08 AM IST

When you hear Sudheer’s name on the Telugu screen, everyone remembers anchor Rashmi’s name. There is nothing special to say about the commotion these two make on the Jabardast stage.. They also appeared in many shows aired on ETV. As Sudhir left the show, there was no chance for them to meet. Recently, they were seen together again in an event.

Sudheer and Rashmi, who anchored the event together, danced to the song “Nijamena Sayan Jaane Jaane” and showed that their chemistry is still the same. Sudheer revealed many things about his performance and bonding with Rashmi. Before that, the old videos of Rashmi and Sudhir were played on the screen.. Rashmi felt emotional.. and Sudhir was talking about Rashmi.. She said, “My beautiful journey with Rashmi.. This beautiful journey.. My love journey is mine.” Getup Srinu Sudhir gave a reply to this when he immediately punched.

Basically, Rashmi is sensitive.. a person with a very hard work ethic.. He told that he likes Rashmi more than anyone else. All this became the highlight of the show. Wherever we go out, people ask about our couple. I have to say that all the success in my journey is due to Rashmi, said Sudhir. Sudhir said that along with the script, Rashmi’s character is also very important, all the programs and skits done by her have been successful. Saying thank you to Rashmi at the end and saying miss you at the end turned out to be very interesting.

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