Ram Setu Movie Review: Ram Setu (Hindi, Dubbed)

By iittm Editor October 25, 2022 8:42 PM IST

Ram Setu Movie Review: Ram Setu (Hindi, Dubbed)

Rating : 2.25 / 5

  • MAIN CAST: Akshay Kumar, Jacqueline Fernandez, Nushrat Bharucha, Satya Dev
  • DIRECTOR: Abhishek Sharma
  • MUSIC: Daniel B. George
  • PRODUCER: Aruna Bhatia, Vikram Malhotra, Akshay Kumar

Ram Setu Movie Review: Ram devotees protested when they saw that Ram Setu, which runs from Tamil Nadu to Sri Lanka, was to be demolished to make way for a waterway. Leaders like Subrahmanya Swamy knocked on the door of the court. Attempts to remove Ram Setu as a national historical asset were thwarted by the Centre. But is Ram Setu formed naturally? Or is it from Sri Ram’s time? A situation where no one can answer the question. Taking this background, Lyca Production Company has produced the movie ‘Ram Sethu’ in association with Zee Studios.

Aryan Kulshrasht (Akshay Kumar) is an archaeologist. He is an atheist and believes only in truth. On behalf of India, he went to the place where the Taliban blew up the Buddha statues, recovered the remains of the Buddha statue and returned after completing the operation successfully. At the same time, in Tamil Nadu, some people are doing a movement against the decision to remove Ram Sethu. Its leader Indrakanth (Nazar) thinks that if it is proved that Ram Setu was not built by Ram, then their Pushpak shipping project will earn crores of rupees. He wants to use Aryan, who has been suspended from the archeology department for his unruly attitude, as a pawn in this matter. Aryan, who has many doubts about the construction of Ram Sethu, has joined hands with Indrakanth? Did his opinion change after examining the ruins of Ram Setu and the stone floating in the water? Aryan who went to Sri Lanka for evidence related to Ram Sethu, what kind of experiences did he have there? That is the rest of the story.

The very beginning of the movie ‘Ram Sethu’ has become a topic of discussion in Bollywood. It was advertised that this movie would be in favor of the BJP government at the center and its ideology. In addition to that, the director of the recent ‘Prithviraj Chauhan’ film, Chandra Prakash Dwivedi of ‘Chanakya’ TV serial fame was the creative producer for this, and their argument was strengthened. This movie is close to that. Although Akshay Kumar is shown as an atheist at first, the emphasis is on how such a person realizes the truth, acknowledges that Ramasetu… is from the time of Rama, and makes his case heard in the court. Although the director-producers were clear about what they wanted to tell the people, they failed to present it in an interesting manner. From the beginning of the film, it was like a documentary. The director could not take the humiliation of the wife and son in the society by the atheist husband in a touching way. We don’t understand in what capacity the person suspended from the Archeology Department pleads his case in the courtroom in the climax of the movie! There is a civil war going on in Sri Lanka, so there is no reason for his project manager to stop the operation without thinking that it is a crime for the hero to touch the floating rock on the border of the area. And the scenes like shooting their own professor, kidnapping the heroine and bringing the hero under their control will bring the old tangerine green.

This story revolves around the chronology of Ram Setu. The director allotted almost two hours of time for that. But that doesn’t sound very interesting. The underwater scenes are not that great. In fact, Romas should be shocked when they see such movies. The audience sitting in the theater should experience some kind of excitement and tension. But such scenes were not written or filmed by the directors. But Satyadev’s character was made mysterious and attributed some specialness to it. It’s blindly slow!

Coming to the actors… Akshay Kumar played this role very coolly. The carelessness of the direction team in his dressing is evident from his beard. Nasrat Barucha, who played his wife, and Jacquiline Fernandez, who played an environmentalist, are not important roles. It seems that there must be someone by the hero’s side. Nazar as the head of the shipping project and Parvesh Rana as his assistant are well acted. Although Satyadev made a late entry… from there he made his mark. Satyadev, who played a bad guy in the recently released ‘Godfather’, played a completely different role in this. His role in Uttararadina has the potential to get better recognition. Millions of Indians believe that Lord Ram was responsible for the construction of Ram Sethu. Everyone has a need to have their faith respected. It is actually painful to make it into a movie and say that this is the opinion of the people. However, if such films were made more carefully and responsibly, the goal of the director-producer would have been different. Otherwise… there is no doubt that such a film was made for money.

Rating: 2.25 /5

Plus Points:
selected point
Starring Satyadev
Dialogues in Climax

Minus Points:
A weak story
An unimpressive story
Uninteresting scenes

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