Rajinikanth’s record as the first hero to achieve such a feat..!

By iittm Editor August 29, 2023 9:18 AM IST

South Indian superstar Rajinikanth needs no special introduction. Even at the age of seven, he is getting more popularity by releasing a series of films and collecting huge collections. Even at this age, he is creating rare records with his films. Coming to the actual matter… Rajinikanth has recently created a record as the first hero to achieve such a feat. If we go to the actual matter, the latest film directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar is Rajinikanth’s film Jailer.

Even though it is approaching three weeks after its release, the atmosphere of Jailer movie is still going on in some places. It should be said that after Jailer, no other film has come as a match for this film. Especially, no matter how many new movies there are.. all of them have been released. And now Superstar Hawa is jumping at the Pan India level.. If we go to the actual matter.. Jailer movie has recently entered the Rs.600 crore club.

Jailer is the second film to receive this mark in Tamil. Robo sequel Robo 2.0 achieved this record in ten days while Jailer achieved this record in 18 days. On the other hand, this is the first time after Pushkarakaal that a dubbed movie in Telugu has achieved collections in this range. This movie created a record by collecting more than Rs. 70 crore collections in Telugu alone.

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