Rajinikanth put a pull stop on the controversy..that’s why he said..!

By iittm Editor August 22, 2023 9:13 AM IST

Rajinikanth’s latest film Jailer is directed by Nelson Dilip Kumar. Superstar Rajinikanth also got good recognition as this movie was a huge success. It is known that criticism has been pouring in on Rajinikanth for the last two days. Coming to the actual matter, Rajinikanth who went to the Himalayas after the release of Jailer went from there to Ate Mahavatar cave and from there went to UP CM Yogi. But everyone knows that after that, he looked at Yogi and fell at his feet.

But Rajini is very old in age.. Yogi is very young.. Why did Rajini do such a thing? It is known that even his fans are lashing out at Rajinikanth saying that if the whole of Tamil Nadu is bowing down to you, will you go and bow down to Yogi? Moreover, many people are commenting that what Rajini did was wrong. But some people defended it.. Yogi did not plant his legs as CM.. He is a religious teacher and president so he planted his legs.. Apart from that, is he not CM.. Does he have power.. A section of Rajinikanth said that Rajinikanth has no legs. They came to support the work.

But Tamil fans are still criticizing this matter. On the other hand, Rajinikanth, who recently landed in Chennai, has been troubled by media questions in the background of this news becoming very viral. He replied to the criticisms on him. “Be it young or old, I bow down to the feet of religious teacher and abbot Yogi Swamiji. That’s my habit,” Rajinikanth put a stop to the controversy with one word. And let’s see how the Tamil thambis will take this matter.

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