Rajamouli who is going to be a father again.. this is the real thing..!!

By iittm Editor September 4, 2023 8:00 PM IST

Everyone remembers Rajamouli’s name as a director who has never failed in the Tollywood industry.. Rajamouli has not seen a single flop in his career so far.. Rajamouli, who first worked as a serial director, became a director through NTR starrer Student Number One. But Rajamouli got good success with his first film and after that he directed a series of films and earned a name as a star director.

It can be said that Rajamouli made the Telugu film industry proud worldwide with the movie RRR. Rajamouli got good success with Baahubali series at Pan India level. Currently, an announcement has been made that they are going to do a film with Mahesh Babu. Coming to Rajamouli’s personal matter, it is known that Rajamouli is married to a woman named Rama.. Although this is Rajamouli’s first marriage, it is her second marriage.

Rama was already married and had a son named Karthikeya.. Then due to differences with her husband, they separated. Rajamouli married her who was living alone with her son.. But so far they have no children.. A child named Mayaka was adopted and brought up. If all this is the case, one thing about Rajamouli is becoming viral.. The news that Rajamouli is going to become a father again is becoming viral on social media.. But many netizens who know this matter are commenting saying that Rajamouli is going to be a father at the desired age..

Coming to the actual matter, everyone knows how much Rajamouli is standing by the orphans.. Now it seems that he has recently adopted another orphan girl. It is reported that he is going to take care of their well-being.. This matter is now becoming viral on social media.

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