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By iittm Editor October 22, 2022 10:08 PM IST

The movie ‘Liger’, which was released with huge hype amid many expectations, was an utter flop at the box office. With the blow of this movie, Puri went into a state of no recovery.. Vijay Devarakonda seems to be fixed to stop his films from now on. As part of Liger promotions, Puri decided to do his next movie Janganamana with Vijay. Vijay was also very excited to watch the movie. But after the release of Ligar, the calculations changed.

After seeing the failure of the movie ‘Liger’, Vijay Puri, who was scared, put a full stop to Janganamana. If Puri wants to look for a hero.. not star heroes.. even mid-range heroes are not in a situation to give him dates. With this, there were reports that he was going to do a film with his son Akash Puri. But now it is reported that all eyes are on Bollywood heroes.

Recently, Puri Jagannath got in touch with Bollywood star heroes Ranveer Singh and Vicky Kaushal. It is said that there is a chance to make the stalled movie ‘Janaganamana’ with one of the two. Clarity will come soon.

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