Producer Guild: The sensational decision of the Producers Guild… to ban dubbing movies…?

By iittm Editor October 23, 2022 3:50 PM IST

Producer Guild: The sensational decision of the Producers Guild... to ban dubbing movies...?

Producer Guild: Industry sources say that it is true that Tollywood producers guild is going to take a sensational decision.. That is to say.. Tollywood is busy with a series of movies right now. Along with Telugu movies, dubbing movies are also getting good audience. Telugu audience is also supporting these same industry heroes. In normal times, no matter what kind of movies come out, but during festivals, it becomes difficult to give theaters to all the movies. Especially Sankranti. It is not an exaggeration that this festival is being targeted by Tollywood heroes as well as heroes of all industries. Producers are trying to put every movie in front of the audience regardless of whether it is a small movie or a big movie. It is a reliable truth that theaters or some movies are not able to get hit talk and collections in this background. It seems that the Guild has decided to ban dubbing movies this time for Sankranti.

They are looking to allocate theaters only for Telugu movies for the three days of Sankranti. Netizens say Dil Raju is the first to lose in this calculation. Because Kollywood hero Vijay’s successor is being made in Dil Raju’s production. Although the director is Telugu, the film is being made in Tamil. Vijay admitted that bi lingual film is a dubbing film. So this is also counted under dubbing movie.. and if dubbing movies are banned.. everyone doubts that the heir will not come first. And to know the truth in this news, the producer guild must open its mouth.

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